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Avocados Riviera 139 SEK
Warm cheese layer on avocado filled with mushromsauce and shrimps.
Toast Parisien 145 SEK
Marinated salmon on dark bread with whitebait roe, avocado with a special honey sauce.
French Onionsoup 132 SEK
Tigershrimp in Olive oil nad chillipepper 145 SEK
Grilled Scalops 145 SEK
With babysalad chilli sauce and lemonsauce
Chevre Au Four 139 SEK
Toast, tomato, goat cheese, basil, honey and raspberry vinegretto.
Served warm.
Mushroom Provencale 135 SEK
Champignos marinated in garlic, white wine and continental spices and fried in butter. Served with parsley and tomato Provencale.
Garlic bread with aioli 89 SEK