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Porkfillet Normandie 279 SEK
Tenderloin served with creamy mushroomsauce and potato gratin.
The famous planked steak of the house 285 SEK
A juicy sirloin steak grilled exactly as you wish. Served with potato cake and duchesses au gratin, sauce béarnaise and spiced butter.
Cognac flambéed Rosépeppersteak 315 SEK
A steak flambéed in cognac.
Beef Provencale 289 SEK
Beef with redwine sauce and garlic on top.
Filé Mignon Noir et Blanc 298 SEK
Fillet of beef & tenderloin served with bearnaise sauce and red wine sauce.
A traditional dish that never goes out of style.
Parisien Tournedos Special 315 SEK
A fine cut of beef served with fresh grilled mushrooms and pommes- duches and pepparsauce.
Side orders
Most of the dishes are served with our fine potato gratain.

Mix salad 89 SEK

Tomato & onion salad 79 SEK